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Our Process is like a ladder. Every step that you climb is actually a credit for your capacity and an additional stake added to your chance of securing the post.

It’s not only about your background, experience and skillset, it’s also about how fit for a certain position you would be. TalentOHire places top talent across a spectrum of positions which they are perfectly suitable for.

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1. Application

We always have new positions being announced and by applying, you’ve just kicked off your a whole new phase in your life with us.

Apply to any of the open positions on our vacancies page.  The requirements for our positions are usually minimal, which means only your contact information and resume are required. Unlike other portals where just to apply, your entire work history needs to be built right then and there.

Your application will then be carefully revised by a recruitment expert and ranked objectively according to the score it achieved for every required skill.


2. Evaluation

This is where we assess you on being a right fit for the job or not.

If your resume evaluation is accepted, you shall receive an invitation link for a 15-30 minute online test to further assess your technical capacity as well as other critical skills and aptitude specific to the role.


3. Test

In our pursual for the best talent and top candidates from around the globe, we base selection on results from various tests and assessments.

If you successfully pass the online test, you will then be required to do a task in a specified time slot to prove your capability for the role. This task, when delivered, is evaluated by an expert in the same field as quickly as possible. In most instances, this task does not take our talented candidates more than 3-4 hours to complete.


4. Technical Interview

Congratulations on getting this far! You’re so close to the securing the role.

You wouldn’t have been able to make it his far in the talent process without knowing your stuff and proving your capabilities. Now, it’s time for the technical interview. This will be a 1:1 online interview with an expert, which normally lasts 30-40 minutes and will allow us to confirm our assessment and answer any questions you may have.


5. Onboarding

This is the final stage of the TalentOHire induction into the Talent Network Process!

Upon you being technically qualified and accepted, it is now time for the final recruitment interview just to be sure that we’re on the same page about all of the technicalities involved, terms and conditions.  This is followed by presenting you with a final job offer and bringing you on board.

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