Members of the TOH talent network go through extensive, specialized tests before they are qualified, inducted and placed.

Besides the usual resume analysis, screening and verification for any role, a step ladder approach is applied to evaluate:

  • Necessary Role Experience and Qualification
  • Hands On, Practical Skills
  • Required Aptitude for Remote Working
  • Ability To Be Part of A Global Team
  • Specific Characteristics To Meet Role Challenges
We don’t only have a tested and reliable method of selection, but we’re continuously innovating and improving it.

After our talent passes through all of the required steps and procedures successfully, training to optimize productivity and best practices regarding remote working is initiated.


UI/UX Designers

Choose from the top designers, illustrators and visual artists that work according to your budget, requirements and business aspirations.

Our professionals use the latest tools from Adobe and other major vendors to produce attractive wireframes, high fidelity visual, interactive and user experience design. Only those who master the necessary tools and show unmatched creativity can be part of the TalentOHire UI/UX Designers network.

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Customer Support & Sales Professionals

Only those professionals who have a sincere passion for customer service at their core are recruited into the TalentOHire network to live up to your business expectations

Whether you are looking for first or second level tier of support, we offer high caliber professionals who prove their skills in display of work, willingness to learn and through excellent communication. Support staff on call, through emails, on a live chat, or all of the above are carefully assessed to match your business vision and mission.

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Ability proceeds from a fusion of skills, knowledge, understanding and imagination, consolidated by experience.

Luis Desalvo, CREO TECH

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.

Shelia McCourtney, ARCHITECT

Software Developers

Our developers never settle for less. Unless the work is beyond your standards,
TOH talent network developers won’t stop working to match perfection.

Our network includes software engineers and architects mastering the Top 10 of TIOBE list for programming languages. Our software professionals include only those who can prove the required skills, experience and knowledge among thousands of applicants and are well versed with the latest and most in-demand technologies.

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