What Sort of Online Jobs Are Most Popular in 2018?

The online world is exploding with work opportunities like never before. The opportunity to now work fully from home or anywhere in the world is now and has never been better. Online jobs are pretty abundant and allow people the freedom to take their work with them and not the other way around as traditionally is done.

If you’re looking for online jobs in 2018, here are some of the markets/fields you should be focusing on getting your foot through the door of:

Customer Service & Sales

This is the sort of role which can be done anywhere in the world now. Before, companies had to open and operate large call centers to monitor and oversee agent activity. Now, that can all be done through software and completely in real-time. Customer service and sales roles are plenty and most of them are encouraged to be 100% and from the comfort of the location you choose to work from.

A major requirement with online jobs, especially one like the customer service and sales role is having a strong and reliable internet connection. You don’t want to be cut off right when you’re closing a sale or helping a customer out for half an hour.

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Writing & Editing

Don’t really like writing? Have you ever tried? Writing really lets people explore their creativity in unimaginable ways. It is also such a great way to let some steam off too! Best part is, since writing can be done practically from anywhere in the world, all you need is a decent mobile device to do the work on. This also allows employers to let people work from wherever they would like since there isn’t any major requirement to always be on a writers head all the time.

Writers and editors have all the freedom in the world. As long as they are getting the job done, employers couldn’t be happier.

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Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultants

Digital marketing and social media are the future. They will continue rocking the online scene for years to come. This is because the online arena is now worth billions of dollars and half of the world is yet to come on board, meaning that there is still a huge market to explore and anticipate.

Companies are going wild in hiring digital marketing and social media consultants to maximize their presence in the online world. Interested? Get some digital marketing certifications and trainings under your belt and kick off your journey, virtually!

Translators & Transcriptionists

Freelance writing, marketing and all that is great and has been around for a while. A less known market is that of translations and transcriptions. Are you bilingual and able to type really well? If yes, you’d be a solid candidate for the many companies always on the lookout for great translators and transcriptions when it comes to online jobs.

Build up a portfolio and start reaching out to the renowned language companies in and around your region.

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Online jobs are great for getting more time in your life for the important things. You don’t have to compromise your income either since most online jobs pay really well too. Put in the effort, build rapport and make sure you set the bar high for yourself. You should be working in an online role, completely virtually, in no time!