Top 5 Benefits of Remote Working

Working anywhere you want is an ideal which many people strive for today. Nowadays, people are overworked, are unable to practically achieve a work-life balance and find it hard to spend quality time with friends and family members. This is a recipe for disaster. Let’s take a look at the benefits of remote working to get an understanding of how it helps and what makes it such an attractive option for employees and employers alike.

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1. Less Travel Time

Commuting to and from work during peak rush hours is stressful and is a cause for many mental and physical health related issues. Anyone who is driving more than 30 minutes one-way is sure to know how much of an impact it has on their daily lives. Some people are spending hours every single day just doing that.

Imagine how much time is being saved by not having to do that all the time. It also has a positive impact on health by lessening the level of stress and frustration. The benefits of remote working are plenty, but saving time, lowering stress and lessening negative affects of global warming definitely put eliminating travel time on top.

2. Increased Productivity

Look at any study or research into the benefits of remote working. A significant rise in productivity is sure to be always in the top findings. This is because people are wasting less time in commuting and are able to focus on getting tasks done quickly.

Office distractions are plenty, which lead to a massive increase in time taken on getting even the most simple work done efficiently. Meetings can also be held quickly through video, phone and even text now. It just allows people to get more things done instead of having to dedicate time out for a task which otherwise could be integrated into another.

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3. Saving Money

This applies to both the employer and employee. Both will save money and end up happier. Cost cutting in offices results in drastic negativity. This doesn’t have to be the case when you employ people who work from their own base camps.

Overheads are minimized and people are allowed to work according to their schedules and time frames as long as the work is getting done. Instead of having to stay at work from 9-5 or even longer just to complete the hours, employers end up paying more for resources they don’t need to be spending.

4. Dress As You Like

It is hectic getting dressed up every day and wearing a suit just so you don’t give off a bad impression. The level of comfort which comes with remote working is just not achievable with anything else. People can be extremely comfortable and actually feel normal. This also plays a role in why remote workers are so much happier with their lives. They don’t have to be someone that in everyday life, they are not.

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5. Exercise and Spend Time With Family/Friends

By saving several hours every week from having to commute long distances, remote workers have extra time to spend with family, friends and even exercising wherever they like.

They may even finally be getting a membership at that gym they always wanted to go to but couldn’t because of work restraints or could have a setup right at home. It is always nice to go out for a jog and when remote working, this is all possible.

The benefits of remote working could go on forever. These are the top five which obviously have the biggest impact overall on a person’s mental and physical state. Maybe you too, should consider remote working.