5 Major Reasons Why Top Talent Quit Their Jobs

An organization suffers the most when its best people start leaving. There’s no surprise in knowing that when a great employee quits their job, it has a ripple affect across any organization. This can even mean other hard-working employees also may consider this and tag along if things get too bad in the current situation.

It’s easy to assume that the top talent leaving their jobs probably did so just because of a better offer. Money isn’t always the answer, especially when it comes to top talent. You will be surprised to know that compensation doesn’t even come into the 5 major reasons why top talent quit their jobs and pursue opportunities elsewhere.

If you have 5-10 years or more of experience under your belt right now and are reading this post, you’ll most likely agree with all of these reasons. It is highly likely that, if you’ve changed positions in recent years, it has definitely been because of one of these reasons why top talent quit their jobs.

Knowing why top talent quit their jobs is fine, but the really unfortunate part of the situation is that most companies don’t seem to come around and realize what happened. Companies with a proper HR department in place usually have all the formalities set in place regarding exit interviews and outgoing employee surveys, but when has that information really changed an organization around? Probably never. In today’s day and age, the HR department is now limited to protecting the best interests of the upper management and to negotiate with outgoing employees for as little damage as possible to the company.

Here are the modern major reasons why top talent quit their jobs:

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1. Their Boss

This is becoming common knowledge now. We have all seen the posts on LinkedIn describing how you must, “Choose Your Manager, Not Your Job”, is the way to go in making a job decision. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to tell how your manager is going to be when joining an organization.

It always seems fine and dandy the first couple of weeks until you finally begin noticing just what is going on. Top talent leaves an organization primarily because of their boss and most people who have quit can definitely relate to this.

The boss is to provide feedback, growth opportunities and a sense of direction. If none of that is there, how would anyone continue sticking to a position when there is a better opportunity right around the corner? Doesn’t make much sense.

2. Company Situation

People tend to jump off of a sinking ship. They are not too fond of sinking with the ship. This is another major reason why top talent will quit their jobs once it has been established that the company has reached a point of no return. This can also be caused by confusion and a lack of clarity in communication

Money is a major driver in choosing a job, but when it is no longer guaranteed, there isn’t much left to stay behind for.

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3. Bored and Lack of Responsibility

When you have top talent in a specific position, challenge them. They are ‘Top Talent’ for something after all. Not putting their talent to use will bore them out and cause top talent to quit their jobs. It is only natural. Someone who has worked hard to achieve their level of excellence will not lay around getting old and rusty.

People who have a drive and are dedicated are always looking for more challenges and opportunities to outshine their previous accomplishments. That’s why the biggest reason people note down in the “Why did you quit your previous job?” is usually, “For a bigger challenge”.

4. Internal Politics

Some work environments thrive on internal politics. Like actual politics. But in other industries and areas of work, it can make the workplace toxic. Top talent usually gets to the top because of their skillset, hard work and passion for the job. Don’t let your less driven employees ruin their experiences and contribution.

Top talent quit their jobs because they just stop caring and have had enough of the demeaning, political games that tend to ruin their efforts. No body wants to be stuck in a quagmire of politics on a daily basis. They should love going to work and showing their talent to the world. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

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5. No Recognition or Acknowledgement

Tough love was a theory of acknowledgement of the past and it didn’t quit work out well. The newer generations, which have a lot of top talent to offer, aren’t willing to wait around or be part of a lacking system.

They perform well, work hard and want the recognition in return. It has basically become a fundamental right in the office place. Work it well and there will never be a story to tell of how top talent quit their jobs in your organization. Bonus tip: recognitions doesn’t even have to mean money most of the time. Even a company or departmental-wide announcement of recognition is a great way to start.