In a Competitive Field? 5 Sure Ways to Stand Out when Job Hunting

With rapid changes happening every day in the global job market, there isn’t a single job posting out there which doesn’t attract hundreds of applicants. You could blame a massive rise in population, college graduates or basically anything else, but at the end of the day, competition is fiercer than it has ever been before.

It’s not easy to stand out of a crowd of thousands of applicants for the same job with just a cover letter and resume anymore. They too, have to be top notch. But there are other ways now people are using to highlight their presence and differentiate them in a sea of high qualified professionals.

Underestimating other applicants is what usually causes people to lose out on the big opportunities. If you believe that a shining resume will get you all the way through to signing a job offer, you may have another thing coming.

So, let go of some of that ego and try getting creative in your job application. Here are 5 sure ways to stand out when job hunting in a highly competitive field.

Have a Winning Portfolio

Are you applying for a job which requires the display of a certain skillset? This could be anything from being a great writer to digital marketing or programming skills that the employer may want to see displayed before they hire anymore.

Having a portfolio, whether in soft or hard copy format, about your latest achievements and recent work done could put you ahead of that list overall. Not all candidates put in that much effort to get their applications noticed, which makes some slight additions a huge advantage in most cases.

You could even make a personal website about yourself. This is always good to have and allows potential employers to get a detailed insight into your career and past achievements. The use of pictures, videos and detailed reports highlighting your work are great to put everything into perspective for the hiring manager.

Keep Your Social Media Clean

If you have a public profile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and who knows where else, you could bet that whoever seriously considers your application will check it out. A person’s social media can give away a lot of details about any one. From political views to personal interests and what kind of person they are in general.

When you’re really working to get a certain opportunity and even in general during a job hunt, it’s a good idea to keep all your social media clean. Keep your posts neutral and portray yourself with a vibe that would compel someone into hiring you. A strong political inclination and views that could come under the banner of ‘controversial’ don’t always play when. Especially if that hiring manager turns out to have a completely opposing mindset.

In other words, ‘sanitize your social media presence’. It could work wonders for you in trying to stand out when job hunting.

Build Meaningful Connections

You have probably heard it numerous times. But building connections and networking aren’t as simple as they seem to be. Try adding someone on LinkedIn, waiting for them to accept and messaging them about a job right then and there. Chances are high that person will not even respond to your message.

Instead, start a discussion with that person. Try and gain more insight in their interests and hobbies so you could build a mutual interest. Asking someone outright for a position and referral won’t do the trick and should not be the way you approach making ‘meaningful’ connections.

In a competitive field, it is necessary to have connections that matter and get your foot through the door. It’s been shown that candidates with a solid referral are 10x as likely to get the job compared to those people who are focused solely on their resumes doing the work for them. To stand out when job hunting means to get noticed in a more significant way and having a meaningful connection with an insider is a great way to do that.

Display Yourself Outside of The Job Application

Having a great portfolio, resume and cover letter is all well. It will definitely put you up in the list of top candidates to be potentially considered. But what is something else you could do to take your application up another notch?

This is where you need to play your cards right. Work on building a profile of yourself that gets people to notice you. This could be blogging on LinkedIn or your own website. Tweeting insightful knowledge and engaging in discussion in Facebook groups. Over 70% of the workforce is known to be active on some platform of social media and if the right eyes see your work somewhere prior to receiving your resume, it could mean a magnitude of a difference in getting the job.

Making YouTube videos or even podcasts are a great way to stand out when job hunting. You will be in the top 10% of applicants overall and these additions just make you stand out as someone who knows what they’re meant to be doing in life. Best thing is that no matter which competitive field you are in, all of these tools are great for further exploring and gaining valuable recognition.

Prove Value in Hiring You

Hiring managers have a tough call to make when they select a certain candidate. Everything is on the line and their reputation could come under question if their selected candidates doesn’t perform up to expectations after being hired.

If you have great work ethic and know you are the one for the job, another great way to stand out when job hunting is to show your worth before even going in for the initial interview. Analyze the company. See their social media profiles, find some news on them and even read up on employee reviews.

Use this knowledge to see what sort of problems they might be facing or what is the next big thing they could be exploring. Companies are always on the lookout for great ideas and proposals to help them do something more efficiently. You could even create a short proposal to submit with your application and really turn some heads.

All of these tactics may sound too time consuming for a lot of you. They are and do require that extra effort. The great thing is that these methods are sure to get you noticed and really into strong positioning for any role you apply too. It is not easy to stand out when job hunting and using any of these would certainly boost your chances.