The 7 Best Ways to Get Noticed by a Recruiter

The job market is tough. Despite it seeming like there are numerous opportunities, the competition is so tough that recruiters and human resource teams alike have set up specific metrics to qualify candidates just for shortlisting. What comes next usually confuses candidates beyond oblivion and it’s not hard to see why.

Just check out your LinkedIn feed. It’s highly likely you’ll see dozens of posts complaining about a specific hiring process that somebody went through and ended up not getting the job. Digging in deeper, you will notice that person seems pretty well qualified and should have been a considered more thoroughly.

But can you really blame the system? There are millions of profiles on LinkedIn and according to statistics, an average job posting, not only on LinkedIn but all the other job portals out there, tends to receive hundreds and even thousands of applications. Sorting through that many applications in detail just isn’t humanly possible.

Despite the numbers, you can still implement some tactics to shine and get noticed by a recruiter. The 7 best ways to get noticed by a recruiter which we’ll be discussing are practical and can be adopted by anyone looking for a job or change of position. They might seem in line with common sense, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who choose not to put in that extra effort.

1. Strong LinkedIn Profile

Go through some of the LinkedIn profiles which you usually see updates from or look up to in the sense of professional achievement. The people who match your criteria as ‘successful’ usually have a well sorted out and strong LinkedIn profile. That’s usually how they captured your attention in the first place!

Now search other positions and people you work with or may have worked with. Why don’t you see these people more often in your feed? What’s the sort of impression you get after one look at their profiles?

Take a look then afterwards at your own profile from a visitors point of view. Does it look appealing? If it’s an honest no, maybe consider polishing it. Make it shine. This is your chance to show to the world and the recruiters out there why you’re the best candidate for that job.

2. Strategic Resume

Don’t always be expecting recruiters to come knocking at your door. Having a well thought out resume, which strategically meets the applied for positions job description and requirements goes a long way. Even if you aren’t considered for that exact same position, recruits tend to keep great resumes in their database for future vacancies.

Having a sloppy and run of the mill type of resume is likely to lower your chances by more than you would imagine. Companies just don’t have the time or extra resources to guess at how good a candidate might be. They need reasons and hard facts to back up their perception of you as a potential consideration for the job.

3. Articulate Cover Letter

Have a generic cover letter that you grabbed off of some website that you just copy and paste to every job application? Well, mostly all the people who apply for the same exact position you’re applying for do the same. How are you doing to stand out in that?

Chances are that having a cover letter which is concise, but still is descriptive to the point of letting the recruiter know why they should choose you usually will get you past the first cut. Make sure to highlight achievements that weren’t as visible in your resume.

4. Capitalizing Social Media Presence

Social media is a powerful tool in job hunting. It’s also one of the best ways to get noticed by a recruiter. Do not just use Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram to just show how great your last meal was or how you’re checking into a fabulous hotel during a vacation.

Take social media to task and showcase your intellectual side. Some of your statuses should contain deep thinking about trending issues or provide insight into a certain matter without being biased. Reddit is great to describe how you creatively solved a problem at work or improved a process.

These seemingly small things can have a big impact on the image your profile portrays. Don’t think recruiters aren’t checking out your social media presence. They usually are.

5. Blogging About It

Looking to move up on the career ladder? Blogging is a great way to get noticed by a recruiter. By having a blog which is full of great content, your vivid thoughts on technical matters and even potential solutions to corporate problems can get you on the list of potential candidates pretty quickly.

You’re also displaying your writing skills and ability to convey a message to a wide ranged audience. Make it count and use it to your advantage. By having your own personal blog, you’re already miles ahead of most applicants.

6. Networking Correctly

Networking is a term we’re all afraid of and at the same time consider to be the best way to get better job offers. There’s no doubt that having the right connections can get you far but doing it in the right way brings those results.

Some people think networking is just messaging and adding everyone you possibly can on LinkedIn. There’s no point if that person you are reaching out to has nothing to do with your profession or may not even be in the same time zone as you are. That’s unless you plan on moving there.

If not, don’t waste your and their time. Time is of the essence and make your first impression count in front of those professionals who you look up to and would like to have in your contact list. Develop relationships before making the ask. Take the human factor into consideration before taking any action in the realm of networking, always.

7. Unique Achievements

Do you volunteer often? What about that course on programming and coding you did a while back? Have you highlighted those extracurricular activities and unique achievements anywhere on your profile?

If that’s a no, you’re missing out on a major attraction point for recruiters. Always highlight aspects about yourself which set you apart from the competition.

A resume isn’t the only thing a recruiter is looking at for most of the positions they are seeking workers for. Ensure your personality isn’t limited to just a piece of paper and is covered adequately by all the tools which are available to us now. Remember, filling a position isn’t only about hiring someone who will get the job done. Being able to fit into company culture is also a major factor recruiters take into consideration when shortlisting.