5 Hiring Trends for Recruiters in 2018

The talent recruitment industry is growing bigger than ever and at the very same time, it is also becoming as competitive as ever. With economies emerging around the world and picking up the pace in places like Asia and Europe. Along with North American not choosing to slack off anymore, companies are shifting to newer technology and methods rapidly to get the best candidates on board.  

2017 was the year that talent skyrocketed and forced recruiters to mend their ways in how they assess the list of potential candidates. Rapid technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are bringing out tools faster than most recruiters can keep up with.

Nearly a quarter into 2018, we’re seeing trends come up quicker than ever before that will have recruiters on their feet throughout the year. Here are some, which our insights’ team, believes will be the 5 hiring trends for recruiters in 2018, that will make it or break it for many:

Stronger Recruiter Marketing

It isn’t a level playing field anymore. If a recruiter isn’t able to get their own name out there, they should just throw in the towel and head back home. What’s the point of signing up with a recruiter or recruitment company you’ve never heard of before?

Recruiter marketing is now more important than ever and having a strong presence plays a major role in the top market talent paying any attention to you.

Candidates in various fields from around the globe have an enormous market of recruitment companies to choose from. Being the one with your name out there will likely be able to grab that candidate’s attention first. Same goes with the company you want to be recruiting for. Organizations are pummeled with proposals from recruitment agencies, but the stronger your brand recognition and reputation in the market is, the more willing a client would be to sign up with you instead of the next big agency.

Niche Recruiting

It’s great to want to be able to recruit for every position out there, but the more focused you are on a specific niche, the better your chances at recruiting success. Recruiters and recruitment agencies really need to get down and dirty when it comes to the type of candidate they are looking for.

Employers also like the fact that recruiters are able to understand their hiring needs without needing to hold their hand throughout every step of the way. As positions get even more specialized and technical in nature, it will be the responsibility of the recruiter to keep up with trends and stay one step ahead of the recruitment game.

Top talent in the fields of software development, designers, digital marketing and others, usually have a huge amount of offers coming their way. This makes niche recruiting one of the top 5 hiring trends for recruiters in 2018 as it will be the one of the only ways to keep both the employer and candidate happy in the long run.

Employer Reputation

Global social initiatives aren’t taking off without a reason. Companies are striving to promote a better reputation and image to the world about the way they impact society. There is a major driving force behind this and it is the ability to attract and retain talent based on how strong of a perception there is about the employer.

A LinkedIn study showed that over three quarters of total job seekers prioritized company standing and reputation amongst society in choosing it to be their next career destination. Anything from how an employer is perceived among the people to what they’ve done to damage or protect the environment works on developing or destroying overall reputation.

This is because people do their research now. Especially candidates who may be in the consideration process. The study revealed a surprising fact as well. Money didn’t make a significant difference when it came to an employer having a bad reputation. Less than 25% of the applicants cared about more money being offered when it came to accepting offers. This trend is expected to get stronger in 2018 and needs to be part of any recruiter’s overall strategy.

Social Media & Recruiting

While Facebook and other social media platforms may be losing public interest because of their unpopular algorithm changes, networks such as LinkedIn are expected to get stronger. For recruiters in 2018, LinkedIn and similar professional social media channels will grow in importance as people focus more on polishing their profiles and maintaining a healthy level of networking on it.

This trend also plays heavily into recruiter branding and marketing. Because if you aren’t active on social media, you can say goodbye to a whole lot of top notch candidates that will get swept up by some other recruitment agency.

Recruiter-Candidate Relationship

Posting a job and just expecting top talent to apply really isn’t going to be happening as strong as it once was. In 2017, we’ve noticed a change in applicant behavior. Which is that they are no longer interested in soul-less and cold recruiter behavior.

People are yearning for the human touch and personal experience. Even in the field of recruitment. There was a time you could post a job and hundreds, if not thousands, of people would flock with a high level of interest. Recruiters in 2018 will need to be more focused, human towards their approach and work on creating valuable relationships with their top talent to really harness the power of that bond.

This rule also applies to employer-recruiter relationships. Stop thinking of others as robots and start doing what you would expect for yourself. It really is as simple as that.

While recruiting is stronger than ever, there are differences in approach which are seen as for the better. It’s easy to put the blame on things for your lacking which may have resulted in a lost opportunity. But if you keep up with the hiring trends for recruiters in 2018 and your foot on the pedal as firm as ever, those challenges should make you stronger in the end.